The Way of Chau

Viet van Tran

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Le Minh Chau is a specially abled boy, who has had to overcome many difficulties to fulfill his dreams of becoming an artist. 

Chau was born in 1991 in Vietnam and was affected by Agent Orange. Chau's limbs have been atrophying, and he has, since, been moving with 2 knees. He cannot hold on to things for too long. Chau's parents could not afford to raise him, so they sent him to Hoa Binh village (Center for caring for children with disabilities) in Ho Chi Minh City, when he was 6 months. At 16 years old, Chau left the village to live on his own. Chau came to Art overcoming the difficult situation. He borrowed money to rent a small room and started painting. The money Chau earned from selling paintings helping him paying rent and buying necessary items. Chau has been an art teacher to children, taking classes two and three times a week. Chau also participates in many charitable activities.

I am stringly inspired by Chau and have visited him many times in Ho Chi Minh city, photographed him and wish to take take this project further ahead after Chau returns to Vietnam, completing his Art art studies at the US. 

“The Way of Chau” started in 2019 and  is on-going project.  

Viet van Tran

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Viet Van Tran was born in 1971 at  Hanoi, Vietnam and currently works as special reporter for Lao Động newspaper. Over the years, he has had 11 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions in Asia, Europe and USA. He has published 7 books, and won over 80 international photo prizes such as Px3, Master Cup, Pollux Awards, MIFA, ND awards, TIFA, IPA, Ciwem and others. His works have been published in Wink  Magazine, Lenscratch, Silveshotz, FStop Magazine, Dodho Magazine, Getinspired Magazine.

Viet uses photography as a medium to express his voice about life. He wishes to explore the mediums of writing and photography to explore the world and experience new cultures.

He pursues Love,  Politics and Religion over long-term projects.

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