Stillness - Destruction of the Discernible

Aakriti Chandervanshi

Pune, India

The comprehension of building relationships in the present times is stuck in virtual communication. Conversations are only significant in the now- with multiple outlets on social media- connections made are half-hearted, distracted and almost mundane. The loss of ‘objects of affection’ before the social media boom translated the requisite story of ones love without the word, love, mentioned. These ‘objects’ bring to mind a slower pace, a reminder of an older time, with a little more intimacy, vulnerability and genuineness that one appreciated- be it a letter to a loved one far away, passing of notes in secrecy, the engraved initials on a pendant worn to keep one close or a family heirloom which stands the test of time passed down generations. What mattered was that love was evoked, that is so palpable, would be a weapon of survival with the ability to shape and distort time. With the loss of these objects comes a loss of language, a loss of communication. 


The series comprises of the destruction of the discernible, visually altering these simple objects of affection to reveal the complex emotions being lost in translation.

Aakriti Chandervanshi

Meet the Author


An avid photographer, Aakriti Chandervanshi credits her nomadic childhood for her interest in photography, documentation and observation. Post her graduation from Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, she started doing commissioned projects – shooting portrait stories, photo essays and self-portraiture venturing on to start her own platform namely A Girl Called Yellow. Her work has been published on various platforms - Domus India, Financial Times, BBC, etc. As an architectural graduate, she chose to utilize her years of obsessing over details of facades and juxtapose with her photographic journey. She is devoted to her work and pets, perhaps not as equally as she would like.

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