Project Glenferrie: Lockdown v2.0

Brandon B. Kim

Melbourne, Australia

The project initiated in July 2020 to current, specifically aiming to document the everyday lives on 'Glenferrie Road' in Melbourne, Australia .

The body of work especially focuses on the interesting moments under new normality where everyone wears a mask and all the non-essential retail stores are shut.

Bit eerie, with only a supermarket and few essential services opened, the human elements bring the story to the scene and make the whole thing more colorful and energetic

Brandon B. Kim

Meet the Author


Brandon is a Seoul-born, Melbourne-based photographer.
After studying and working in the architecture and graphic design field for many years, he finally quit in 2017 to focus exclusively on photography.
Being reliant on his small camera and patience, he has since then roamed the streets in the world looking for those fleeting events that —for a split second— turn an ordinary scene into something unique and not reproducible.

Five of his pictures were recently selected by Australian Photography Awards as Top 20 in Travel category in 2018, winning 2018 Photographer of the Year.

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