Landscapes of North Bengal

Subham Shome

West Bengal, India

Geographically positioned at the northern fringes of West Bengal, India this area lies in the footsteps of the might Himalayas and the famous mountain peak Mt. Kanchenjungha is visible clearly from a number of places here, making it a targeted tourist location.

I have been here multiple times,  visited various locations and have  photographed the mountain ranges, flowing rivers and all other landscapes that I have found here. You will find mountain peaks, mountain ranges, rivers, forests and everything else that will calm your mind and will freshen you up.  I put together this series towards creating the same sense of tranquility,  as one feels when on exploring North Bengal's pristine landscape.

Subham Shome

Meet the Author

Subham Shome Photo.jpg

Subham Shome currently works at an IT firm as an engineer and loves spending time with football, chess and guitar, beyond his job and photography. He identifies as a self-taught photographer from Kolkata, India.
Subham loves travelling for photography, which has been of keen interest to him since he was a child. He started out with clicking photos at events and fests in college and a
fter almost 4 years of experience in the realm of photography, Subham realized that he wishes to follow this dream and to connect with people through his photographs. 

Subham loves to travel a lot  - with friends, family and often, solo.

It has been four and a half beautiful years with cameras and lenses for him and Subham has travelled to numerous places in India, the northern parts of West Bengal being his favourite.

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