Photos by Alessandro de Leo 

Written by Carmelania Bracco

Barletta, Italy

White and black. Not colors but habitable living spaces. White is the light, the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that makes visible everything that exists and occupies a space. Sudden and  dazzling, it only shows the essential shapes, it burns them as if they were subjected to a flash in the middle of the night, revealing only the most unequivocal details. Elegant and clean, but at the same time complex. Silent, it dresses the environment, almost unrecognizable, of an impalpable sacredness. Black is the materiality of bodies and of the human body, of what is present despite the glow, which
exists independently and which, naturally, longs for movement, which perhaps is the fundamental principle around which life develops. It doesn’t describe what it is, it doesn’t explain it, it signals its presence. Black is what is closest to reality, to us and to what, like us, is flesh, as well as energy. Between black and white, between what is around and what we are there are no clear passages. Not outlines, not lines. Between black and white the view becomes blurred and does not know where to rest. It is confused, it doesn’t understand if it is light that absorbs bodies that still cling to an inevitably human condition or if the figures try to spread, to merge again into a flow from which we have decided to depart too long ago. It is a continuous dialogue with no solution. Alessandro’s photos tell the material as a concept in movement, constantly in progress, which tries to untie itself from the form because it is similar to everything else, even in the air in which it floats. We touch and let ourselves be touched: in this way we come into contact with genetic material that does not belong to us but that, more or less consciously, changes us from within, on a chemical level. And then by eating, breathing, we introduce matter into ourselves and that matter is woven with ours and makes us different every moment with respect to the previous one, frighteningly unstable and alive. The body is transformed and becomes an indecipherable code. Space transforms and supports us, gently incorporating every change. The only fixed point is movement.

Meet the Author

12 aprile 2019 volto.jpg

Alessandro de Leo started painting and drawing, but soon found his way in photography.

He attended classes at a photography school and began using photography both for work and to express himself, using film or digital according to the result that he wanted to achieve.

In most of his projects, he shows human bodies (often his) to express his vision about the relationships between men and environment and between people.

Alessandro de Leo

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