Corrado, Oval Heart

Umberto Lucarelli

Naples, Italy

Naples is not just the city of football and Maradona. Not for Corrado, born in 2000. The opening median in the 'Partenope Rugby' , unsurpassed in the placed kicks. In this great passion he involved his younger brother, Andrea. When I asked Corrado what drove him to practice this little-known sport in his city, Corrado replied with these words: "He starts to suffer like a rugby player, to lose days with family and friends because you choose the oval ball, over people, parents, friends around you....You can play all your life in the last division, in the most scandalous team in the world, but there will be no difference between your heart and that of a champion lifting the World Cup... you'll both have an oval heart!

Umberto Lucarelli

Meet the Author


Born in 1964, Umberto is a magistrate by profession, alongside being a self-taught photographer for six years. He lives and works in Naples (Italy) and devotes maximum efforts to street photography. But, Lucarelli also loves to tell stories; and man is always at the center of his photographic works. 

Between 2016 and 2020 he received numerous honorable mentions in international competitions, such as the MIFA, IPA, Chromatic Award, ND Award, and Monochromatic Award. He won the Silver Medal in 2019 at PX3, and the Gold Medal in 2019 at the Paris Street Photo Award.

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